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Is home care cheaper than assisted living?

Like all types of person-centred care tailored to individual needs, the cost of home care is dependent upon the type, level and frequency of support that you need. This means that home care could be cheaper than assisted living, or more expensive, according to your individual needs and circumstances.

To help understand this, it’s worth comparing the different types of home care services available, establishing what the different terms mean, and setting out what is included in the cost.

What do home care services include?

Home care services cover a wide range of specialist care and support which is provided within the individual’s own home.

Tailored home care services for the elderly, or those who simply need a little support to remain independent at home, are wide-ranging and can include everything from support with household tasks and personal care to specialist care to help manage medical conditions or rehabilitation after illness or injury.

As the individual remains in their own home and is responsible for all of their own household bills and living costs, home care fees solely cover the cost of care visits and the specialist care delivered. These fees are calculated according to the individual’s unique care requirements and circumstances, and their eligibility for financial support from their Local Authority or specific care funding schemes.

What is Extra Care Housing? Is it the same as Sheltered Housing?

Extra Care Housing, sometimes known as Extra Care Sheltered Housing, is care delivered to individuals living in self-contained accommodation within a supported housing scheme, with on-site care and support staff who are on call 24/7.

Sheltered housing usually accommodates those with lower level care needs, whereas Extra Care Housing is often suited to those requiring a higher level of care and support. Eligible individuals can apply for Sheltered Housing or Extra Care Housing through their Local Authority. Some housing schemes will have a minimum age threshold for new residents.

Extra Care Housing or Sheltered Housing often takes the form of accessible, affordable flats or bungalows to purchase or rent, which are adapted or purpose-built to accommodate people with care needs. Different to living in a care home, individuals living in Extra Care Housing accommodation still have their own front door, kitchen facilities and living space, but can call upon specialist care and support as and when they need it.

Sheltered Housing and Extra Care Housing fees are likely to appear higher than home care fees for someone living in their own home, as they cover the individual’s combined accommodation and care costs, along with the availability of 24/7 on-call support. However, this very much depends upon the unique household costs incurred by someone living in their own home, and the cost of delivering the level of care and support they require.

All charges are set by the housing provider. The Local Authority will be able to advise whether the individual qualifies for any financial support with their rent or care costs.

How is assisted living accommodation different from Extra Care Housing?

The two terms are often used interchangeably, but ‘assisted living accommodation’ generally refers to privately-funded retirement complexes with on-call, on-site care, whilst Extra Care Housing is arranged by, and sometimes financially supported by, the relevant Local Authority.

Both offer the opportunity to retain your independence and your own front door, with the reassurance that care and support is available if needed.

Find home care services which are right for you

Our specialist home care teams are able to support individuals living in their own homes and in a number of Extra Care Housing Somerset locations.

In addition, our Mendip View independent retirement living complex in Cheddar (neighbouring our Greenhill House residential care home) offers the perks of high-quality, fully-furnished, assisted living accommodation with specialist care and support always on hand.

To discuss the home care options which are available to enable you to remain independent in your own home, please contact our friendly enquiries team on 0800 8174 990, who will be happy to help.

The perfect home care solution

If you are looking for care for yourself or a loved one, our community care teams across Somerset and the wider South West are here to help. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to speak to someone about care options that meet your needs, our Enquiries Team will be more than happy to help.

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