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Specialist Care

Hospital standard nursing care within a homely environment.

We recognise that your wellbeing is just as important as your physical health, and want you to receive the support you need in an environment where you can feel at home.

Our qualified nurses can provide 24/7 hospital-standard nursing care within our comfortable and homely nursing homes.

Compassionate end of life care

A number of our nursing homes have also been awarded Platinum status in the Gold Standards Framework for the support we provide to people nearing the end of their life. The award is presented to care homes who work alongside the individual and their loved ones to offer high-quality, reliable and consistent support at a time when it is most needed.

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What is nursing care?

Nursing care refers to the higher levels of bespoke care which may be required to support individuals who are living with complex needs or long-term medical conditions. Specialist nursing care is available 24/7 from our team of qualified nurses based in our residential nursing homes.

What is the difference between nursing care and residential care?

Nursing care is essentially a higher level of residential care, where the individual needs more support. This is not necessarily as a result of living with a particular condition, but more about the amount of support that an individual needs in order to live well with that condition. For example, an individual living with diabetes who is able to manage their condition with tablets which they can administer themselves, may only require residential care. However, an individual whose sugar levels are more unstable, and whose diabetes is managed with insulin injections which they cannot administer themselves, will require more support and may require nursing care

How will I know if I need nursing care?

The level of care an individual requires is referred to as a dependency level. Dependency levels are determined as part of the care assessment which is carried out before an individual moves into a care home. This assessment will look at everything from the support you may need with personal care or eating, to your medication requirements, mobility and wellbeing.

Dependency levels can go up or down, meaning that an individual could in theory move from requiring residential care to nursing care, or vice versa. For instance, an individual who has recently had a hip replacement operation may initially need a very high level of support, but this could reduce as their rehabilitation progresses and they become more mobile. Equally, an individual living with a degenerative condition may initially require residential care, but this requirement could increase to nursing care at a later date.

Will I need to move if my nursing care needs change?

All of our nursing homes offer both residential care and nursing care, meaning that if you are a resident in one of these homes, you will not need to move to a different care home if your needs change.

It is possible for care needs to increase or decrease, so these are reviewed regularly to ensure that you are receiving the right level of care for your safety and wellbeing.

Which homes offer nursing care?

Five of our care homes offer specialist nursing care in addition to residential care. These are: Calway House and Lavender Court in Taunton, Cooksons Court in Yeovil, Stockmoor Lodge in Bridgwater and Wessex House in Somerton.

For full details of the services and facilities offered at these homes, along with a breakdown of fees, please visit our Find a Care Home page.

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