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Specialist Care

Professional nursing care within a homely environment.

We recognise that your wellbeing is just as important as your physical health, and want you to receive the specialist nursing care you need in an environment where you can feel at home.

Our qualified nurses can provide 24/7 hospital-standard nursing care and compassionate end of life care within our comfortable and homely nursing homes.

Nursing care supports individuals who are living with complex needs or long-term medical conditions.

Specialist nursing care homes can provide a safe and less clinical alternative to hospital for those requiring round-the-clock, professional nursing care to safely manage their medical conditions and care requirements.

Unlike a nursing care agency, a specialist nursing care home has a consistent team of qualified in-house nurses, providing comfort and familiarity for those receiving nursing care, and enabling the team to know you as an individual and understand how best to meet your needs.

Specialist nursing care is available 24/7 from our qualified nurses in our nursing care homes, who deliver professional, hospital-standard nursing care in a comfortable, homely environment.

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A number of our nursing care homes have been awarded Platinum status in the Gold Standards Framework for the support we provide to people nearing the end of their life. The award is presented to care homes who work alongside the individual and their loved ones to offer high-quality, reliable and consistent nursing care at a time when it is most needed.

What is the nursing care process?

The first stage of the nursing care process is to assess your individual nursing care needs and personal preferences.

This will all be discussed with you and your loved ones as part of your care assessment, to ensure your chosen nursing care home can safely and effectively meet your physical needs and support your emotional health. As well as considering your personal care and medication requirements, along with any support you may need with mobility and eating, for example, the nursing care assessment also looks at how your wellbeing can be supported in the nursing home.

Most individuals who are considering a move into a nursing care home are likely doing so because they would prefer not to in hospital. Choose a nursing care home where you can feel comfortable and settled, which can meet your wellbeing needs, and support you to retain interests which are important to you

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What is a nursing care plan?

A nursing care plan is an individually tailored plan for supporting your nursing care requirements. It includes everything discussed at your care assessment, and sets out how your chosen nursing care home will deliver the specialist nursing care and support you need.

All nursing care plans include details of an individual’s ‘dependency level’, which references the level of nursing care needed. This dependency level will be regularly monitored and assessed by your specialist nursing care home, to ensure that you continue to receive the correct level of nursing care to meet your needs.

An individual’s dependency level can go up or down over time, and this will be reflected in their nursing care plan.

For example, an individual who has recently had a hip replacement operation may initially need a very high level of nursing care support, but this could reduce as their rehabilitation progresses and they become more mobile. Equally, the care needs of an individual living with a degenerative condition may increase to 24/7 specialist nursing care over time.

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What is included in a nursing care plan?

All of your bespoke nursing care needs will be included in a nursing care plan which has been created specifically for you. This includes how your specialist nursing care home will:

  • Meet your medical needs and keep you safe – including your medication regime, and any specialist equipment, mobility aids or support you may need;
  • Ensure you are well nourished – including your dietary requirements, whether you need food in a particular format (e.g. soft or pureed), and any support you may need to eat;
  • Help you to be comfortable – including support with personal care, washing and dressing;
  • Support your wellbeing – including assistance to retain your interests, receive visits from loved ones and personalise your space so that you can feel at home.

Your personalised nursing care plan will ensure that your chosen nursing care home can meet your individual nursing care needs, and support your physical health and emotional wellbeing.

We’re here to support you to live the life you choose, no matter where you are on your care journey.

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