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Specialist Dementia Care

Supporting you to live well with dementia.

Our specialist dementia care teams are here to help you live well with dementia. We can provide the care you need in a safe, secure and stimulating environment, leaving you free to concentrate on being ‘you’.

We provide tailored, person-centred dementia care.

Because every individual can be affected differently, the type of care that is needed for dementia patients can also vary for each person. A person-centred approach to dementia care considers each person as an individual, supporting them to manage the symptoms they experience so that they can live well with dementia.

A person living with dementia is exactly that – a person first, who happens to live with a particular condition. We firmly believe that with the right support, tailored to your individual needs, it is perfectly possible to live a full and fulfilling life with dementia.

At Somerset Care, we are passionate about providing tailored, person-centred care for dementia patients, whether we are supporting them in one of our specialist dementia care homes, or in their own home.

Our specialist dementia care homes

We have developed our own commitment and approach to delivering specialist, person-centred dementia care, called PETALS which stands for;



The individual and their loved ones are at the heart of the care we provide. We never forget the person behind the diagnosis.



People living with dementia can and do achieve great things. We work with the individual to support them to achieve their goals, and remain as independent as possible.



It can be hard for someone living with dementia to accept that they need support. Our specialist dementia care teams work hard to earn the trust of those living with dementia, so that they can support them to live well with their condition.



A dementia diagnosis does not remove a person’s interests and passions in life. Person-centred dementia care helps individuals to retain treasured hobbies and experience the joy of discovering new interests.


Life history

We support and celebrate the whole person and all of their life experiences, not just the dementia patient we can see today.



Keeping physically, mentally and socially active has been shown to reduce a person’s risk of dementia, or the development of their dementia symptoms. We support people to stay connected, active and engaged, so that they can live the life they choose.

How to choose a care home for dementia.

When choosing a care home for someone living with dementia, it is important to consider the individual’s specific dementia care needs, and the level of support they will require. There is a difference between a ‘dementia-friendly’ care home, and a ‘specialist dementia’ care home – what is right for the individual will depend upon their symptoms and circumstances.

Our specialist dementia care homes

‘Dementia-friendly’ care homes

A ‘dementia-friendly’ care home offers residential care and has facilities and activities which are suitable for someone living with low-level dementia symptoms. For instance, the home may run reminiscence activities, and be able to support someone who has been diagnosed with dementia but is still able to live a largely independent life.

‘Specialist dementia’ care homes

Specialist dementia care homes will go beyond this, offering a safe, supportive and stimulating environment for dementia patients with higher-level care needs or more advanced symptoms. This can be particularly important for those who suffer with memory loss, struggle with daily tasks, find it difficult to communicate, or are confused about their surroundings and circumstances.

Our dementia care is based on over two decades of research with our university partners in Exeter and Bradford, and we use a dementia care mapping tool to monitor and regulate the quality of the support and care we provide.

We support the individual’s particular needs.

Dedicated dementia care suites help people living with dementia to remain as independent as possible, providing the individual with the reassurance that their care needs are being met, in an environment where they can feel safe. When you choose a care home for dementia, make sure that the care team are qualified and experienced in understanding the type of care needed for dementia patients, and are able to support the individual’s particular needs with tailored, person-centred dementia care.

Somerset Care’s specialist dementia care homes across Somerset offer bespoke, person-centred dementia care and support, listening to our residents and their loved ones to understand and meet their individual needs, and help them to maintain life skills.

Our specialist dementia care homes

We’re here to support you to live the life you choose, no matter where you are on your dementia journey.

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Our specialist dementia care homes

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