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About our Specialist Care

A diagnosis of dementia, or a life limiting condition may mean you require specialist care to support you with your day to day activities.

Across our services, we can provide specialist care for those living with dementia, or with medical conditions that may require specialist nursing care.

Dementia Care

Dementia is caused by diseases of the brain, the most commonly recognised disease is Alzheimer’s, but with over 100 different types of dementia, we recognise just how complicated this disease can be in diagnosis, treatment and support. No two people living with dementia will be affected in exactly the same way, and something that one person might find easy, another might find extremely difficult. This is why it is so important to offer person-centred support to help individuals live well with dementia.

Whilst all of our services are dementia friendly, we offer specific dementia care within a selection of our care homes, putting you first, and your diagnosis second.

Nursing Care

Living with a complex medical condition, means you may require the support within a qualified nurse led environment. Our nursing homes can support with a wide range of conditions and procedures, including the management of pressure wounds, administering medication and injections, supporting you whilst you recover from an operation, or providing full time nursing care to support in the management of specific conditions. At Somerset Care we have a number of specialist nursing settings that provide a skilled and qualified care team, with the equipment that is required to keep you safe and supported, allowing you to retain as much of your independence as possible.

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