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Can you get nursing care at home?

Dependent upon your individual needs, you may choose to arrange nursing care at home, or receive care in a nursing care home.

As with all nursing care, an individual care assessment will determine the type, level and frequency of nursing care that you need, and whether this specialist care can be safely and effectively delivered within your own home.   

Nursing care at home is generally best-suited to individuals with lower-level care needs, or who have loved ones who can support with personal care and domestic tasks, to supplement visits from a specialist nursing care team.

If 24/7 support is required from qualified nurses, a residential nursing care home can be a good option for individuals who need hospital-standard care, but wish to be in a more homely environment.

We understand that the wellbeing of those we support is just as important as their physical health, and encourage residents in our nursing care homes to personalise their space to help them feel at home, whilst we provide the specialist nursing care that they need.

The perfect care solution

We offer specialist nursing care in your home and in our homes across Somerset, meaning that we have the location, the expertise and the tailored care you need.

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