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Who pays for respite care and how much does it cost?

Like longer-term residential care, respite care costs are generally calculated on the basis of a fixed weekly accommodation cost for the respite care home, plus the cost of providing specialist care which meets your individual needs. These figures will be used to work out your respite care cost per day, for each day of your stay.

The accommodation element of your respite care cost includes your fully furnished room, meals and snacks tailored to your dietary requirements, and full access to all of the facilities and activities on offer in your chosen respite care home. The respite care element of your fees will be based on the level and type of care you need during your stay – this can range from low-level support to help you complete daily tasks such as getting dressed, right up to 24/7 specialist nursing care.

A care assessment will help the respite care home to understand your individual care needs and ensure that these can be met safely during your respite care break. The cost of your respite care will be based on the expert care you need, plus the accommodation cost for your chosen respite care home.

Who pays for respite care?

When seeking short-term respite care for elderly relatives, loved ones or yourself, it is important to understand who foots the bill.

Depending upon your medical and financial circumstances, you may be eligible for support with the cost of respite care. To find out if you qualify, you will need to contact the Adult Social Care Team at your Local Authority. They will be able to consider the criteria for respite care funding and advise if you are eligible for any benefits or support towards the cost of your respite care.

Some Local Authorities offer a respite care allowance for eligible care seekers which covers the cost of a fixed number of days of respite care per year. They might also consider funding a specific respite care stay in certain circumstances, for instance, to support your recovery and rehabilitation after time in hospital. Alternatively, your Local Authority may agree to make a financial contribution to your respite care, which you may be required to top up to meet the full cost of your respite care stay.

If you or your loved ones will be responsible for paying for your respite care, it’s worth keeping an eye out for special offers and incentives which can reduce your fees or allow you to extend your stay at no extra cost. At Somerset Care, we run seasonal respite care offers at selected respite care homes throughout the year, subject to availability. Contact our helpful enquiries team to find out if you could benefit from any special offers on respite care which meet your needs.

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