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Who needs nursing home care?

An individual’s medical conditions and care needs are the main considerations when deciding who needs nursing home care.

Whilst residential care homes can provide expert residential care to meet an individual’s daily support needs, nursing care homes offer a higher level of professional, 24/7 nursing care for those living with long-term or complex medical conditions.

When choosing a residential or nursing care setting, it’s a good idea to consider your future nursing care needs, as well as any support you may currently require. If you have been diagnosed with a degenerative condition, or expect your care and support needs to increase over time, it can be wise to choose a care home which offers both specialist residential and professional nursing care so that you are not faced with having to move to a different nursing care home should your care needs increase.

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We offer specialist nursing care in our homes across Somerset, meaning that we have the location, the expertise and the tailored care you need.

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