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What is the difference between home care and residential care?

Specialist home care and residential care both provide person-centred support to meet individual care requirements – the main difference is the location. Home care services are delivered in an individual’s own home, whilst residential care is provided to those living in a dedicated residential care home.

The right option for you will depend upon your circumstances and preferences, and what you are hoping to achieve with the help of the care you receive. For instance, you might wish to remain in your own home but need some support with appointments, household chores or medication. Alternatively, you might be looking for the company of fellow residents and the round-the-clock support of a dedicated team of carers within a fully accessible residential care home environment. 

Home care can often be seen as a stepping stone to receiving residential care in the future. For instance, home care for elderly relatives can support them to remain as independent as possible within their own homes, perhaps with the added support of friends and family. If their care needs increase, their mobility decreases, or their loved ones are no longer able to provide informal care, there may come a point where a move to a purpose-built or specially adapted residential care home might be a more practical option to ensure their ongoing safety and wellbeing.

Booking a short respite break can be a good way of testing out a residential care home in advance if you are thinking ahead and looking to make plans for your future care. You will be able to experience all of the activities and facilities available to longer-term residents, meet the care team, and experience life in your chosen residential care home, without needing to make a longer-term commitment.

A respite break can also be a useful addition to an existing package of home care. As well as offering you a change of scenery, it can also help to supplement your care if family members who provide informal support in addition to your home care package are away on holiday.

To find out more about the home care services and residential care homes local to you, start by contacting a care provider which offers both home care and residential care. They will be able to talk you through the options available to you, explain how to arrange a package of care which meets your needs, and answer any questions you may have.

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If you are looking for care for yourself or a loved one, our community care teams across Somerset and the wider South West are here to help. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to speak to someone about care options that meet your needs, our Enquiries Team will be more than happy to help.

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