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What is person centred care in nursing?

Person centred care in nursing considers the medical, physical and emotional well-being of the individual receiving nursing care. This goes beyond supporting the individual to manage any complex or long-term medical conditions they may live with and involves the individual and their loved ones in creating a plan which caters for their personal preferences as well as their nursing care needs.

Person centred care looks at every aspect of the individual’s daily life within the nursing care home, and sees them as a unique person with hobbies, interests and a life story, rather than just someone with a specific medical diagnosis. It considers their likes and dislikes and ensures that they have both freedom and choice when it comes to making decisions about their care.

Person centred care plans involve the individual and their loved ones in the process, listening to them and working alongside them to ensure the nursing care home can meet their needs in a way that allows them to feel in control of their care, and live the life they choose.

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