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What is meant by a person-centred approach to dementia care?

A person-centred approach to dementia care supports the specific needs of an individual living with dementia. It considers their dementia symptoms and how they might be managed, along with how the person can be enabled to retain their hobbies and interests, and remain as independent as possible.

By listening to the individual and their loved ones, specialist dementia care teams can understand and appreciate what is important to them, and provide person-centred dementia care which enables them to live the life they choose.

Why is person-centred care important in dementia care?

Person-centred dementia care is important as it cares for the whole person, not just the management of their condition.

A person living with dementia is exactly that – a person, who happens to live with a particular condition. Person-centred dementia care recognises that an individual does not stop having hobbies and interests as a result of their diagnosis, and supports them to continue to do the things which are important to them, enabling them to live a full and fulfilling life despite their diagnosis.

Specialist dementia care – whether delivered in a dementia care home setting, or the individual’s own home – supports the physical and mental wellbeing of the person living with dementia, as well as helping them to manage their physical symptoms.

In addition to meeting any personal care needs, such as washing, dressing and medication support, person-centred dementia care will also include stimulating activities to keep the brain active and boost the individual’s wellbeing. These activities will be tailored to the individual’s dementia care needs, likes and dislikes, and support them to be as independent as possible within a safe and supportive environment.

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