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How to settle a dementia patient into a care home

People living with dementia can be especially sensitive to change, and often seek a sense of security and safety in familiar surroundings and consistent routines.

Moving into a new home can be an unsettling time for anyone, which is why it is especially important to take steps to help dementia patients feel at home in their new space.

Specialist dementia care homes will have experience in making this process as smooth as possible for the individual and their loved ones. They will understand that it is often the smaller details, such as being able to personalise their space, or incorporating a familiar routine into their new environment, which can help someone who lives with dementia to feel more comfortable and relaxed.

My loved one lives with dementia and can forget where they are. How can I make sure they are safe in a dementia care home?

Feeling safe and being safe are two of the most important aspects of dementia care services, alongside person-centred dementia care which meets the individual’s unique needs.

All of our dementia care homes in Somerset have a dedicated dementia care suite, an area of the home designed specifically to provide a safe and stimulating environment for our residents who live with dementia. This is especially reassuring for those whose dementia symptoms manifest themselves in disorientation or memory loss, enabling them to remain as independent as possible within an environment where they are safe.

All residents in our care homes for dementia are actively encouraged to personalise their own space, bringing familiar items such as photos and ornaments, or even their favourite chair, to help them to feel at home. Creating a space which reflects their hobbies and interests, and reminds them of treasured memories, is not only a great way to settle a dementia patient into a care home, it also stimulates the mind and has in some instances been shown to reduce the severity or progression of dementia symptoms.

A key part of our dementia care services is the focus on stimulating activities which encourage mental and physical activity, enable the person living with dementia to retain existing hobbies and discover new interests, and empower them to live a fulfilling and active life regardless of their dementia diagnosis.

Is there an option to try out a dementia care home before moving in?

Yes, all of our dementia care homes offer dementia day care services and respite breaks for dementia patients. These are great opportunities to experience what life is like in a dementia care home for the day or for a short break of a few days or weeks.

Day care and respite visitors have access to all of the same activities, facilities and specialist dementia care as our permanent residents, so they can get to know the home, meet the team and their fellow residents, taste the home-cooked meals, and join in with the activities and entertainment on offer. Day care and respite breaks can often be reassuring and helpful stepping stones to a longer-term stay, supporting the individual who lives with dementia to become familiar with new surroundings, new faces and the person-centred care they will receive to help them to live well with dementia.

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To enquire about booking respite care for dementia, moving into a dementia care home, or an indication of dementia day care costs, please contact our friendly enquiries team, who will be happy to help.

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