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How to create a care plan for a dementia patient

A care plan for a dementia patient is a record of their care needs, medication regimes, interests, hobbies and personal preferences. This will be created by the organisation providing care for the individual living with dementia, whether they receive this care in their own home, on a day care or respite basis, or as a resident in a specialist dementia care home.

More than simply a record of the dementia symptoms they experience, and the specialist dementia care they need, a care plan includes everything that an individual requires in order to live well with dementia. This includes their personal preferences (for instance, what they like to be called, and how they take their tea or coffee), and the things they like to do or have an interest in (perhaps they play a musical instrument, have a keen interest in local history or are a member of a community group), as well as their specialist care and support needs.

A care plan for a dementia patient is about supporting the whole person, not just managing their dementia symptoms.

What is dementia care mapping?

Dementia care mapping is a way of measuring the care experience of an individual living with dementia. At Somerset Care, we use a dementia care mapping tool to monitor and regulate the quality of the support and care we provide.

Dementia care mapping is a formal process carried out by qualified dementia care specialists, who use a mixture of observation and discussion techniques to identify ways in which an individual’s dementia care can be continuously improved. This is generally carried out within a specialist dementia care home setting, and is designed to ensure that the care the individual receives is truly person-centred, and tailored to their individual needs.

Somerset Care has developed its own PETALS approach to delivering person-centred dementia care following more than 20 years of research with university partners. PETALS stands for: Person-centred, Empowerment, Trust, Activities, Life history and Stimulation.

We are proud to support people living with dementia, to live the life they choose.

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