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How to care for someone with dementia

It can be hard to know how to care for someone with dementia, particularly if you are not a trained dementia care professional, or are caring for a loved one without the aid of expert support.

Dementia is a complex condition, with a variety of associated symptoms which can vary in severity from person to person. Whilst it is only natural to want to take care of loved ones living with a dementia diagnosis, it can be challenging to look after their needs – and your own – without any outside support.

Caring for someone with dementia – tips for seeking support

If you are struggling to balance taking care of your well-being, whilst caring for someone with dementia, it may be time to seek some support. Asking for help can reduce the burden on yourself and the individual you are caring for, helping you to return to the relationship you had with each other before you found yourself taking on the role of their carer.

Types of dementia care

Caring for someone with dementia does not have to mean them moving into a specialist dementia care home, although this could be an option worth considering if this feels right for you. A first step could be to research options for specialist dementia day care in your local dementia care home, or to perhaps arrange to receive dementia care in your own home. Both of these options offer a bit of a breather for the carer and the individual living with dementia and provide an opportunity to find out how the support of dementia professionals may be of benefit.

An alternative is to consider booking a dementia respite break – a short stay in a specialist dementia care home, with access to professional dementia support and the full suite of facilities and activities on offer to permanent residents.

Ultimately, the right type of support meets your loved one’s dementia care needs, allowing them to live a full and fulfilling life despite their diagnosis. It will also take the pressure off of you, supporting your well-being as you support your loved one living with dementia.

The perfect care solution

To enquire about booking respite care for dementia, moving into a dementia care home, or an indication of dementia day care costs, please contact our friendly enquiries team, who will be happy to help.

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