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How can I feel at home in a care home?

We all have different things that make us feel at home – it could be a location, a lifestyle, a routine, a comfy chair or a favourite picture. All of our care homes are comfortable and inviting, but like people, no two are the same. Each of our care homes have their own characteristics, décor, setting and view. Choosing the right fit for you is crucial to helping you feel at home.

Whether you favour traditional or contemporary fixtures and fittings, bustling towns, quiet villages or coastal outlooks, with 23 care homes of different shapes and sizes across Somerset, we’re confident that we can help you to find the right place to call home.

Within the care home, your personal space is your own, and we warmly invite you to bring in your favourite chair or item of furniture, and any creature comforts that help you to feel settled in your space. Please tell us about your hobbies and interests too, as we love to incorporate these into our weekly programme of care home activities and support you to continue doing the things you love.

The perfect care home

If you are looking for care for yourself or a loved one, we have 23 beautiful care homes across Somerset. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to speak to someone about care options that meet your needs, our Enquiries Team will be more than happy to help.

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