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Do you have to pay for respite care or can I get funding?

Whether or not you have to pay for respite care, depends upon your personal circumstances and health conditions. Like longer-term residential care, the cost of respite care is calculated according to the accommodation cost at your chosen respite care home, combined with the cost of delivering any care you may need. The length of your respite care stay will also be taken into account.

Can I get funding for respite care?

It is possible to get full or partial funding for respite care if you meet certain criteria set out by the government, or your Local Authority. The Adult Social Care Team at your Local Authority will consider your financial circumstances, along with any long-term health conditions you have been diagnosed with, and any temporary care needs you may have, for instance, if you need support to recover from an illness, injury or operation. They will then be able to advise if a contribution will be made to support, or cover, the cost of your respite care break.

How can I arrange respite care?

If you do not qualify for financial support towards the cost of your respite care break, it is worth contacting respite care homes near you to find out if they are running any special offers which you could benefit from.

Whether you are seeking respite care for elderly relatives, a loved one or yourself, contacting a care provider which operates multiple respite care homes can be a good way of cutting down on admin time, as they will likely be able to suggest several options which can meet your specific respite care needs, preferred dates, or budget.

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