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Do the elderly have to pay for home care?

If they are not eligible for financial support from their Local Authority or specific funding schemes, the elderly may have to pay for home care. However, it is worth considering all of the funding options available, to find out if they qualify for financial assistance with home care.

Does the Government pay for home care?

The Government doesn’t pay for home care directly, but it does set the ‘upper capital limit’ financial criteria which Local Authorities must use to determine whether an individual qualifies for support with their home care fees.

As things stand, an individual who has less than £23,250 in combined savings and assets may be eligible for Local Authority funding towards the cost of their care. Generally speaking, the lower the value of your financial assets, the more financial support you will be entitled to – this could range from the council covering all of your home care fees, to making a contribution towards care costs which you will be responsible for topping up.

Currently, an individual with £23,250 or more in financial assets will be classed as ‘self-funding’, and will not be eligible for funding assistance from their local council.

As this ‘upper capital limit’ criteria is subject to change, it is best to check the Government website for up-to-date information at the time you are seeking to arrange home care.

What if I don’t qualify for Local Authority funding for my home care?

If you live with certain long-term or complex medical conditions, you may be eligible for financial support for your home care costs, even if your assets exceed the ‘upper capital limit’ set by the Government.

The following funding schemes are not means-tested and are designed to provide additional support for eligible individuals receiving home care.

The Attendance Allowance can support the elderly and those over state pension age to pay for their home care if they live with an illness or disability, and need extra help to live at home. The equivalent scheme for those under the state pension age is the Personal Independence Payment.

For those whose health is sadly declining and who need immediate support with end-of-life care in their own home, the NHS Fast-Track CHC scheme is another option which support with home care costs.

Your local home care team will be able to signpost you to funding schemes which may be relevant to your situation, and which you may like to consider. If you think you may be eligible for financial support, speak to your Local Authority or medical professional (as appropriate), who will be able to confirm if you qualify for support, and if so, how you can apply for assistance with your home care fees.

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