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Can I get any help to pay for my residential care?

Depending upon your medical and financial circumstances, you may be entitled to financial support which covers some or all of your residential care costs. The best place is to start is by contacting the Adult Social Care team at your Local Authority, who will be able to advise whether you are eligible for any funding or benefits towards the cost of your care.

As a general rule, if you have over £23,250 in savings or assets, you will be classed as self-funding and expected to meet the cost of your care yourself.

If you have below this amount, it is likely that you will qualify for some financial support, which can either be fully-funded care or a financial contribution towards your accommodation and care costs. This threshold is set by the government and subject to change.

It’s important to note that even if you have savings or assets worth more than £23,250, you may still be entitled to certain benefits based on your medical and care needs. There are two NHS funding schemes which are designed to support eligible people meet the cost of their care. The Continuing Healthcare scheme (CHC) provides financial support to people with certain long-term complex health needs, whilst the Funded Nursing Care scheme (FNC) provides funding towards nursing care which meets certain specific criteria. Your GP or other medical professional will be able to advise if you are eligible for these funding schemes.

Our residential care and nursing care homes are able to accept residents whose care is fully or partially-funded by your Local Authority or the NHS.

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