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Helping Zoe to feel in control of her life choices

22-year-old Zoe lives with a mild learning disability, Asperger’s Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder, epilepsy and a cyst on her brain. Unsurprisingly, this catalogue of conditions mean that she can struggle with decision-making, leaving her feeling frustrated and anxious. The anxiety she feels can sometimes spill over into challenging behaviour when things feel out of her control.

Realise began to support Zoe four years ago, when she was referred to them by the local authority children’s services who had been providing respite care for her. Reaching adulthood and losing the support she had been used to was very challenging for Zoe, who wanted to feel as independent as possible and in control of her own life.

Realise provide 24/7 support which allows Zoe to live in and manage her own flat, and have been helping her to learn new life skills such as cooking and keeping her flat clean and tidy. By supporting Zoe to learn how to do things for herself and enabling her to make her own decisions, Realise have helped Zoe to achieve many things that she didn’t think she was capable of. She has also discovered hobbies and interests which enrich her life, like a love of going shopping or visiting the fair with her Realise support team.

Thanks to the ongoing support of her Realise team, Zoe can now enjoy living the life that she chooses.

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