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Helping Michael to make community connections

Michael has been supported by the Realise team since 2019, who help him to manage the conditions that he lives with, connect with people and pursue his interests.

Living with a learning disability, ADHD and Tourette’s Syndrome, Michael can experience involuntary tics such as the use of inappropriate language. It can also time him a little longer to process information and make decisions. The anxiety that he feels as a result of this can lead to him refusing to leave his home and becoming socially isolated.

Realise have been supporting Michael to feel more in control, encouraging him to learn new personal skills, build relationships and make connections within his local community.

In addition to the 1:1 support that they provide for him at home, his team of carers have also been supporting him to engage with others who share his interests.

Michael watching construction at the Toneway-Creech Castle junction in Taunton

Michael has always had a fascination with building work, construction, diggers and heavy machinery, so his Realise team arranged for him to visit the site of the recent Toneway/Creech Castle junction upgrade roadworks in Taunton. After a few visits, Michael not only felt confident enough to make return trips there on his own, but had also built up a rapport with the construction team who would talk him through how the work was progressing. He was even presented with his own high-vis uniform and hard hat to wear on his visits!

Thanks to Realise, Michael has grown in confidence and benefitted from being able to leave his home, connect with people and witness first-hand the progress of construction projects on his doorstep. He has the support he needs to become part of his local community, enjoy the things which interest him, and start living life to the full.

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