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Adventurous resident Tere takes a leap of faith

At Somerset Care, we do all we can to support those in our care to live the life they choose.

All of our residents and customers are individuals, and they all have different goals and dreams. Whatever they want to achieve in life, we do all we can to help them.

Some ambitions are more adventurous than others, and a recent request from one of our residents at our Grovelands care home in Yeovil, certainly falls into that category!

Lofty ambitions

Tere, who lives with Parkinson’s disease and uses a wheelchair, decided that she wanted to set herself a new challenge.

Rather than seeing her mobility as a restriction, Tere saw it as an opportunity for adventure. She told her care team:

“I want to do things I haven’t been able to do before.”

Top of the wish list for Tere was a zip wire experience.

Making plans

Spurred on by her fellow residents, the team at Grovelands arranged for Tere to fulfil her ambition, and booked her a zip wire experience in Cornwall.

No mean feat, this zip wire experience would involve an exhilarating 490 metre zip wire across a disused quarry at 40mph, leaping off of a 50 metre high cliff at the start!

Far from feeling daunted, Tere’s reaction was:

“I am very excited – I cannot wait to do it!”

(Don’t) look before you leap

The big day arrived, and Tere and her key worker, Tania, got kitted out to make the jump.

When the time came, the pair took a leap of faith off of the cliff edge and sailed through the air across the former quarry site, held aloft by the zip wire. In a matter of moments, they touched down to earth again on the other side of the quarry, and were able to marvel at how far they had gone, and how quickly they had travelled.

A true adrenalin-junkie at heart, Tere immediately wanted to do it all again! She said:

“This is just the beginning. Next time I want to go higher, higher, higher and a little bit more dangerous!”

Ambitions fulfilled

Huge congratulations to Tere for completing her zip-wire challenge – we love that we were able to support her in making her dream come true.

The Grovelands team are under no illusion that Tere has ticked the adventurous box on her wish list – she has already told them that the next thing she wants to do is fly in a hot air balloon! We look forward to hearing all about what she does next.

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