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You're in safe hands

With the announcement of a national lockdown on 4th January 2021, we will be unable to support internal visits with the use of rapid tests, in line with government guidance. Visits within our designated visitor suites can continue as normal however, and should be booked in the usual way. End of Life and essential visits will be facilitated as per government guidance. With the commencement of vaccination programmes in our Care Homes we will be reviewing this situation in line with advice from Public Health England and will welcome you back in to our homes with rapid tests as soon as it is safe to do so.

Video calling - stay in touch

Stay in touch with friends and family through video calling

The technology throughout our care homes means we have the capability to keep you better connected with your loved ones.

Some of your loved ones may already have their own tablets and devices, but each of our homes also has a range of technology devices that are readily available for residents to use for a range of recreational purposes,  including video calling. 

If you are new to this technology then one such video calling option is Skype, and we have prepared a series of guides to help get you up and running. Please click on the series of links below to learn more and get started:

  1. How to create a Skype account
  2. Sharing Skype details
  3. Adding a Skype contact
  4. Making a Skype call
  5. Top tips for Skype calls

Once you have familiarised yourself with skype, contact the relevant home in question and they will be able to schedule a time for you to connect with your loved one. Once connected we can remain on hand to offer tech support or leave you in peace to catch up.

You can find contact details for all our homes here.

We hope you enjoy staying connected.