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Motiview Project

Somerset Care is the only care provider in the south west to have been selected to take part in the international project. Working with Norwegian company, Motitech and supported by Sport England’s Active Ageing Fund, residents in our care homes have been using specially-adapted exercise bikes and virtual video routes to cycle around the world.

Motiview is an easy to use tool that stimulates older people and people living with dementia to be more physically and cognitively active by using an exercise bike, video and sound. The user can take cycling trips through familiar surroundings, reminiscing of childhood memories with adapted soundtracks, or take a cycling trip to new places. Motiview helps give the user a complete immersive experience.  Documented benefits from using the exercise bike include improved wellbeing, improved mobility, better sleep, faster rehabilitation after injury and much more. Motiview has also been proven to improve depression.