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It’s only natural that you have questions

Please browse our FAQs below to find the answers to the most common questions we get asked. If for whatever reason you can not find the answer you were hoping for, please contact us and one of our friendly team will be more than happy to assist you.

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I struggle with screens and buttons, so prefer to use a smart speaker. Will this work in my care home?

Yes, we can certainly connect your smart speaker to the free wifi in your care home so that you can use this in a way that suits you. This could be to control other smart devices, use it to check the time or the weather, or listen to music, for example.

Most smart speakers need to be connected to a personal device such as a mobile phone or tablet, as well as the home’s wifi network. Some may also require an online account to be set up to give you full access to all of the smart speaker’s functions. We are more than happy to arrange a visit from our Care Technologist, who will be able to help you set up and start using your smart speaker.

I live with dementia, and sometimes get confused by technology. Is there any support available within my care home to help me with this?

Yes, we support people living with dementia to enjoy technology of all sorts, from music to videos, and also to complete video calls. We also understand that what works for one person, may not work for another, so our care teams are on hand to provide you with as much or as little support as you need to stay connected, whether on your own device or using the computer and tablets already in the care home.

My family have given me a tablet so that they can video call me, but I’ve never used one before. Can anyone in my care home help me to use this?

Yes, of course. Your care team will be able to support you to get the tablet set up, connected to our free wifi network, and help you to make and receive video calls. If you would like us to, we can also make a note in your care plan to check that your tablet is regularly charged up, and is near you whenever you are expecting a call.

I really enjoy watching on-demand sports fixtures on my Smart TV – will I be able to do this in my care home?

Of course! All of our care homes have access to on-demand TV packages, so that you can keep up-to-speed with the programmes which matter to you. You can even bring your Smart TV with you if you like, and we will help you to get this set up in your room and connected to our wifi network.

Who can I ask for help if I am experiencing a technology issue in my care home?

If you are experiencing an issue with a particular device, such as a mobile phone or smart speaker, we have a three-stage technology support process to help you.

  1. Care home support – the team in your care home will be able to carry out initial checks for you, for instance making sure that the device is successfully connected to wifi and the appropriate settings are in place.
  2. Care Technologist support – if your care home team are unable to resolve the issue for you, then they will engage our dedicated Care Technologists to investigate the matter for you.
  3. IT support – if for any reason our Care Technologists are unable to fix the problem, our centrally-located IT team will carry out further checks to determine the best solution.

If the problem with the device cannot be resolved, it may be necessary to replace it. If the item belongs to the care home, then we will replace it at no cost to you. If the item is your own personal property, for example your mobile phone, then the responsibility to replace it will fall to yourself or your loved ones. Whilst we cannot make specific recommendations on particular makes and models, we can support you with general advice on the purchasing of a new device, if you would like us to.

Can I get any help to set up and use technology in my care home

We all need a bit of technical support sometimes, whether it is troubleshooting a mobile phone, connecting to wifi, setting up a smart speaker, or getting to grips with on-demand TV. Our dedicated Care Technologists are on hand to support you with the set up and use of technology that supports your wellbeing, helps you to stay connected with loved ones, and makes you feel at home.

How fast is the internet connection in my care home? Is there a usage limit for this?

Residents in our care homes are welcome to connect their tablet or smartphone to our free, managed wifi network. Each device is limited to 5MB, which is more than fast enough to watch videos and make video calls, whilst still ensuring fair usage and making sure all of our residents can access the internet as and when they wish to.

How much will it cost me to use the wifi in my care home?

Nothing. We believe that technology is a natural part of everyday life, and that when you move into a care home you should still have all the same creature comforts as you would in your own home. All of our care homes include free wifi as standard, which you will be able to access from all areas of the home, including communal areas and your own personal space.

I want to video call my relatives from my care home, but not from a communal area. Can I use my tablet or smartphone in my room to make a private video call?

Absolutely. All of our care homes have free wifi access throughout, covering not just indoor and outdoor communal areas, but also the private rooms of our residents. Once you have connected your tablet or smartphone to the free wifi network, you will be able to make video calls and access the internet from any area of the home.

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