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What is dementia nursing care?

Specialist dementia nursing care provides expert support for those living with dementia, delivered by fully-qualified nurses. This high level of care can support those living with advanced dementia symptoms, or those diagnosed with a complex or long-term health condition in addition to dementia. 

Dementia nursing care is generally delivered within specialist care homes which offer a safe, secure and stimulating environment for those living with dementia, alongside professional nursing care for those who need round-the-clock support to safely manage their medical conditions.

Not all those living with dementia will require nursing care, however a nursing care home which specialises in dementia support can be a good option for those who expect the severity of their dementia symptoms to increase with time. Choosing a care home which specialises in both care dementia support and nursing care means that the individual will not need to move to an alternative care home should their dementia or nursing care needs increase.

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We offer specialist nursing care in your home and in our homes across Somerset, meaning that we have the location, the expertise and the tailored care you need.

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